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Our Guiding Force

Lalit Sharma

Mr. Lalit Kumar Sharma 

“We at BK, are firmly bent upon to revivify the learners through all possible means to make them remains accentuating. Factually, it is our team of experts that keep on guiding the disciples based on the latest precepts, course contents, and technology in education as smart classes, guiding through projectors, career conclaves etc. We endeavour ever to remain quite scrupulous to the dictates of consciences and that is holistically is our main guiding force, keep on guiding us relentlessly & untiringly.

However, we shall be failing in our duty in case we don’t mention the names of our chief mentors Sh. Lalit Kumar Sharma (S.I. U.P.P.) and Sh. Madhuban Singh (S.I. U.P.P.) who act as the chief guiding source to us by virtue of their activities, emotions, assersion, calumniations & group discussion etc.”

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