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“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.”


The nursery is the cradle of school, those delicate years of a child’s life, when they observe and feel the wonders of their surroundings, they see, touch, feel, taste & smell the objects around them. This is only the stepping-stone to the Kindergarten stage. The color, pictures, soft toys shapes, sound movements familiarize them to develop their senses. They learn to emit sound and also listen to analyze them. The musical notes/rhythms and rhymes help to synchronize the speech and listening abilities. Nursery games activities develop their motor skills.

Kinder Garten....

K.G. is the first step where the child is introduced top reading, writing, and recalls procedures. Alphabets & Numerals are taught, learning of rhymes take place. Writing skills are gradually developed. Other psychosocial skills and social traits are developed.

Primary Section...

At the primary stage, the child acquires a certain level of maturity in learning habits. The syllabus includes apart from English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Math, Science, Social Studies. Computer & G.K. is added to the curriculum. Music, Art & craft, Physical education, Library & Co-curricular activities occupy a prominent place in the school programme. The school programmes attain a forceful and holistic character when literary, cultural and sports activities are conducted on inter house competitions basis. Excursions, trekking camps and adventure trips are a regular feature of the school programme.

Junior & Senior Level....

This is the transition stage of the high school classes. The NCERT syllabus recommended by the CBSE has been prescribed. The gradation of syllabus is retained conveniently without losing the learning outcomes. The co-curricular activities acquire even a more vigorous nature. The standard examination system is followed. Grading system is emphasized till the junior level. Socially useful productive work and hobby classes are compulsory for all.
  • Core Subjects – English. Science Stream – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology.
  • Commerce Streams – Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy.
  • Optional Subjects – Computer Science / Physical Education / Information Practices
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